Why Implant Overdentures are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Visiting an Elgin implant overdentures provider for a consultation can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. That’s because implant overdentures solve some of the greatest issues associated with missing teeth and don’t come with the drawbacks that others do. On this page, we’ll break down what makes them such a great option and do a bit of comparing, so you can get a better idea of which options are right for you.

What Are Implant Overdentures?

Historically, a person who lost all teeth on an arch had to go with dentures. You’re probably familiar with those. They’re traditionally made of plastic/ acrylic and look like natural teeth, complete with the white coloring on the teeth and a skin-toned base to mimic the color of gum tissue. As the old joke goes, “Your teeth are like stars. They come out at night.” You wear them during the day, typically keeping them in place with some sort of adhesive, and pop them out at night for cleaning. The problem is, they don’t always wait until night to come out. People sometimes lose them while eating or talking, particularly if they have an old pair or a pair that doesn’t fit right. That’s because the shape of the jaw changes over time if you don’t have teeth, so you really do have to keep up with having them relined or replaced every so often or they won’t fit. But, even those which are made well aren’t always comfortable or stable.

Why Are They Better?

Because there’s an anchor in the bone which mimics the natural tooth, people have less bone loss and tend to suffer less facial collapse. In addition to this, the stable base makes them fit better, so they’re more comfortable, and people can eat better with them too.

What Are Some Other Options?

Implant overdentures aren’t the only solution for missing teeth. Sometimes lots of individual dental implants can be placed or a solution like All-on-4 is ideal. For those who aren’t candidates for dental implants or don’t want them, traditional dentures, partials, and bridges are sometimes options, though the latter choices are only viable for those with some remaining teeth.

Visit an Elgin Implant Overdenture Provider

Elgin dentist Dr. Steve Sirin has undergone advanced training in dental implantology and has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry too. That means no matter which treatment you go with, you can rest assured it will be expertly carried out and look natural too. Consultations include an exam and diagnostic testing to see which solutions are best and time with Dr. Sirin in which he explains each option and answers all your questions. To find out which missing teeth replacements are right for you, (877) 814-0977 or request an appointment online to book a consultation at Sirin Dentistry.

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