What Happens During an Emergency Dental Appointment?

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If you’ve never had to book an emergency dental appointment in Elgin, consider yourself among the elite. Most people do have an unexpected dental need come up at some point in their lives, be it a relentless toothache or a broken tooth, and getting in promptly is essential when you’re in pain. Of course, if you’re here reading this, it’s probably because you or a loved one is experiencing a problem and you want to know what to expect. That’s ok too. You’re still just as elite in our book and we’ll walk you through the process.

You Get Star Treatment

Sirin Dentistry keeps space open for dental emergencies every day. That means if you call first thing in the morning and need to be seen right away, there will be space for you, regardless of whether you’ve been coming to the office for years or are brand new. If you’re tech-savvy, you can take care of the paperwork online and save some time.

You’ll Meet Dr. Sirin and Receive a Diagnosis

On a normal first visit, a comprehensive exam is performed. That means the doctor checks out all your teeth and oral tissues and makes an assessment of your overall oral health. With emergencies, a limited exam is performed. That means just the area causing you trouble gets looked at. Depending on your symptoms and his findings, Dr. Sirin usually recommends an x-ray or two, so he can see what’s happening inside the tooth. The office uses digital x-rays, which require less radiation and are developed quickly, then presented on a computer monitor. He may run some other quick diagnostic tests as well. Once the doctor has identified the source of your issues, he’ll explain what’s happening and what your options are in terms of correcting it.

You’ll Typically Only Receive Palliative Treatment

Palliative treatment, which references treatment designed to get you out of pain and feeling comfortable, is the primary goal for the appointment. For example, if you have a big infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to knock it out of the way, and then have you come back to repair the tooth later. When time allows, the office will try to solve the problem in its entirety. Sirin Dentistry actually has an in-office milling machine, so even things like crowns can be done during the emergency dental appointment sometimes.

The Team Will Go Over Your Treatment Plan with You

The dental industry uses the term “treatment plan” to describe the list of necessary treatments and associated costs. You’ll receive a treatment plan, complete with information regarding what insurance is expected to pay and what your estimated portion is. Oftentimes, insurance will pick up the full bill for an emergency dental visit, but only if it’s purely diagnostic. If treatment is performed, they usually only pay for a portion of it. Your portion is due when you receive treatment, but if you’re unprepared for a bill, talk to the office staff about what options are available, such as financing.

You’ll Come Back for a Comprehensive Visit and/ or Treatment

If the tooth wasn’t treated during your first visit, the office will get you back in as soon as possible to get you squared away. You should also book a comprehensive visit, so you can catch other trouble spots before they become emergencies.

Book with an Elgin Emergency Dentist

If you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain, Elgin dentist Dr. Steve Sirin may be able to see you today. Call the office at (877) 814-0977 to reserve your time.

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