Unwanted Weight Loss from Loose Dentures

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My dentist has supposedly refitted, relined, and remade my dentures, but they still loosen EVERY time I eat. Not some of the times I eat but every time. I am so sick of this. I have had these dentures 8 months, and during that time, I have lost 25 pounds just from eating very little. Eating is a hassle because of all the drama with these dentures.

My dentist says that I might need new dentures. Didn’t I get new dentures already? I don’t think that is the solution. Is there some way to cement them on, or is it possible to really need new dentures all over again? Daniel from Allentown, PA


Thank you for your question. Without an examination of your dentures and mouth, it is impossible to say whether a dentist can adjust the fit of your new dentures or if you need new dentures.

Preventing Dentures from Lifting When You Eat

An implant dentist can prevent your dentures from lifting when you eat. Although it is impossible to cement your dentures in place, a dentist can stabilize them with dental implants. An implant resembles a tooth root.

An implant dentist or oral surgeon can place at least two implants in your jawbone. After a healing period, a dentist can attach your dentures to the implants. Dentures can snap or screw onto implants. Securing your dentures with implants ensures that the dentures will not lift when you eat. Implant overdentures will stop your unwanted weight loss.

Schedule an appointment with an implant dentist for a consultation to discuss your options. Whether a dentist can use your existing dentures or if you need to replace them, you will be able to smile, speak, and eat with confidence when your dentures are secured with dental implants.

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