Can I Get Implant Dentures If My Jawbone Is Shrinking?

Is it too late to get implant dentures if my jawbone is shrinking? Thanks. Dustin from Naperville, IL


Thank you for your question.

Is It Too Late for Implants Dentures If Your Bone Is Shrinking?

It is not too late to get implant dentures if your jawbone is shrinking. An implant dentist or oral surgeon will take a 3-D scan to determine if you have enough bone volume to get implants or if you need bone grafting first. You may be eligible to receive bone grafting and implants the same day. Otherwise, your surgeon will wait three to six months for the grafts to heal before placing implants.

What Is an Implant Denture?

An implant denture is a full arch of denture teeth fasted onto dental implants. The method improves denture function and appearance. Options for implant dentures include:

  • Snap-on dentures – Two dental implants in the front of the denture base allow your denture to snap onto the implants. A snap-on denture is also called an implant retained denture.
  • Implant-supported dentures – Four to six implants in your jawbone give your denture more stability. A dentist will screw the denture onto the implants, which is also known as a fixed denture.

The implants will stimulate the jawbone in the areas they are placed. Receiving four or more implants will stimulate a wider area of your bone and minimize shrinkage.

After the dental implants fuse with your jawbone, your dentist will secure them. Meanwhile, you can wear temporary dentures.

A cosmetic dentist can provide custom, natural-looking cosmetic dentures for a smile that complements your facial features and personality. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a cosmetic dentist if you are interested in quality solutions to improve denture function and give you a natural smile.

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