If My Temporary Crown Falls Off, Won’t the Final Crown Fail?

The temporary crown on my bottom right second molar keeps coming off. After my dentist placed the first temporary crown, it came off two days later. I returned to the office for my dentist to glue it back on, and by that evening, the crown was loose. I returned the next day, and my dentist made another temporary crown. That crown fell off within two days. My dentist cemented the crown again, and although it feels loose, it has not come off. I asked my dentist not to order the final crown until I am sure that the temporary is right. I am running out of time for my dentist to get the crown right because I am traveling to NY to stay with my mom for a month. I haven’t had an extended visit with her since the pandemic because of her health problems and high risk. Is it best to switch dentists or give my dentist another chance? I have three weeks for him to get it right. Thank you. Lynn


Thank you for your question. Although Dr. Sirin would need to examine your tooth and crown to identify the problem, we can give you recommendations. We begin by encouraging you to look for a skilled cosmetic dentist and schedule an appointment for a second opinion. If you like the dentist and they have good credentials, allow them to finish the procedure.

Why Does a Temporary Crown Come Off Repeatedly?

Temporary crowns may come off repeatedly if a dentist tapers your tooth excessively or makes it too short. An aggressively shaved tooth lacks the structure to retain a crown. No wonder your confidence in your dentist is at a minimum.

Although a temporary crown is for short-term use, it should not repeatedly come off. When a temporary crown easily dislodges, it is a clue that your final crown will do the same. Although dentists can have challenges taking a tooth impression for a crown, they can examine the impression and catch their mistakes. Sometimes, the lab discerns the errors, but a trained cosmetic dentist understands how to correct them.

Can You Switch Dentists in the Middle of a Crown Procedure?

You can switch dentists in the middle of a crown procedure. And an ethical dentist will assist you in transferring to a new dentist. If your dentist aggressively prepared your tooth, a new cosmetic dentist may need to build it up before crown placement. Depending on your schedule and a dentist’s talent, you may be able to find an advanced dentist to complete a same-day crown for your second molar.

How Do Lab-Made and Same-Day Crowns Compare?

Lab-made and same-day crowns can vary in quality and esthetics. A dental ceramist can produce the most natural-looking results whenever a front tooth requires a crown. But a trained cosmetic dentist can provide a natural-looking same-day crown for a second molar. But you do not need to rush the process. If you find an advanced cosmetic dentist, they will understand how to secure a new temporary crown to last until you return from visiting your mother.

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