I Paid for Dental Work Upfront but Need to Switch Dentists

Last January, I paid Care Credit for dental work that a dentist did not complete because I was not pleased with his work. Now I must switch dentists in the middle of treatment, and I am nervous. I was supposed to get two veneers, a root canal, and two same-day crowns for my upper right first and second molars. During and after the root canal and first crown, I had a lot of complications and pain. The dentist repeated the root canal, and the crown didn’t fit well. It is uncomfortable when I chew. I’ve spent the last six months trying to get a refund for the work that the dentist didn’t complete. I will not return to the dental office, but I don’t want to see a new dentist until I resolve the issue. Each time I call the office, they tell me that my request is being reviewed and will issue a refund. I don’t believe them anymore. What are my options? Thanks. Nicole from Chico, CA


After you sign the contract with CareCredit® they pay the dentist for all the dental work you will receive. If you only received a root canal and crown, the dentist should reimburse you for the remaining crown and two veneers that you did not receive. The dentist received the money from CareCredit, so he should refund you from his account. CareCredit deducts some processing fees.

How Can You Motivate a Dentist to Give you a Refund?

You can motivate a dentist to give you a refund with these steps:

  • Negative online reviews – Dentists do not like negative online reviews. They are usually quick to defend themselves online or resolve the issue enough to convince a patient to remove the review. You can call your dentist’s practice and let them know you will leave negative reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • Report it to the dental board – Each state in the U.S. has a dental board. You can give your dentist a warning that you will file a complaint with the dental board. Depending on how many complaints there are against the dentist, the dental board will at least reprimand the dentist.
  • Consult an attorney – Sometimes, a phone call from your attorney will prompt a dentist to give you a refund.

Be Respectful

Regardless of how the dentist or his staff treats you, remain calm and respectful. Document the dates and times and the names of anyone in the office you speak with about your refund.

We hope you will receive a satisfying resolution.

Completing Your Cosmetic Dental Work

We recommend scheduling one or two consultations with an experienced dentist before selecting one to complete your dental work. Ask each dentist what they will do to ensure an anxiety-free experience when you get the veneers and crowns for your molar teeth.

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