Does Insurance Cover CEREC Crowns?

I am interested in replacing three of my old crowns with CEREC crowns because I like the idea of not having to wait weeks for a crown as I did with the current ones. Does dental insurance cover CEREC? Thank you. Samuel T. From Des Moines, IA

Samuel – Thank you for your question.

Does Dental Insurance Cover CEREC Crowns?

Most dental insurance plans provide some coverage for restoring a tooth with a dental crown, including CEREC and other same-day crowns. Although your dental insurance plan will not cover the entire cost of your CEREC® crown, it may provide some benefits. Contact your insurance provider to receive information on the benefits available. If your current dentist has same-day crown technology in their office, you can call the financial services representative at the office to ask out what your plan covers.

How Much Does a CEREC Crown Cost?

A CEREC crown in the US costs $600 to $2,000 depending on dental fees in your city and state. Each patient’s case is different, and the procedures a dentist must complete to prepare your tooth for a crown affect the cost.

What Does the Cost of a Same-Day Crown Include?

Same-day crown scanning machine

CEREC and other brands, including E4D, use CAD/CAM same-day crown technology.

The cost of a same-day crown includes the following:

  • X-rays
  • Digital or physical impressions of your mouth
  • Tooth preparation
  • Lab fees (if applicable)
  • Ceramic block to make the crown
  • Fees associated with sculpting the block, adding any final changes, and fitting it

Whenever you receive a dental crown, we recommend finding a skilled cosmetic dentist for it. They can achieve beautiful results and ensure your dental crown looks like a natural tooth. And if you have a worn or decayed tooth but have not received a crown yet, a cosmetic dentist will determine whether you need a crown or more conservative treatment.

Dr. Steve Sirin, an Elgin, Illinois dentist, sponsors this post. Ready why Dr. Sirin prefers E4D same-day crown technology.

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