My Dentist Won’t Do In-Office Crowns for My Front Teeth

Last week, I broke two front teeth, and my dentist put temporary crowns on them. I asked for CEREC crowns after my root canal because I read that I could get them on the same day. But my dentist said she doesn’t do CEREC crowns for front teeth. Then she added that she could not make them look real enough. I wonder if it is worth it to find a dentist who does CEREC for front teeth. Thanks for your help. Erik from Somerset, NJ


If your dentist is planning root canal treatment, it seems that she can save your teeth. Saving broken off front teeth requires these steps:

  • performing root canal treatment
  • Placing a flexible post in the tooth
  • Protecting the tooth with a crown

But some dentists will not try to save the teeth and recommend a dental implant instead.

Your dentist’s response about not using a CEREC crown shows that she is concerned about how your smile will look afterward. The mechanics of saving broken front teeth are tricky. And the techniques to get crowns to match your surrounding teeth are challenging, too.

Trust your dentist’s opinion. You may find a dentist willing to use CEREC crowns on your front teeth. But unless you find a cosmetic dentist skilled enough to paint the crowns and give them natural characteristics, your CEREC crowns will look fake. Experienced cosmetic dentists most often choose crowns with layered porcelain for front teeth and natural-looking results.

CEREC Crowns for Front Teeth?

If you insist on CEREC crowns for your front teeth, look for a dentist with advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. But don’t be surprised if the dentist tells you that CEREC crowns on your front teeth will not look as good as custom ceramic drowns from a lab.

Schedule a consultation with a dentist who does in-office crowns and ask to see before-and-after photos of patients with crowns on their front teeth. Be open to the reasons for the dentist’s recommendation.

Dr. Steve Sirin, an Elgin, Illinois cosmetic dentist, sponsors this post. Dr. Elgin uses E4D same-day crowns technology.

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