Elgin Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening is a quick way to create dazzling white teeth. Using a peroxide bleaching gel in combination with a special light it quickly and safely penetrates deep into the teeth. Stains that have been there for years will disappear with the oxidization process leaving your teeth whiter than ever.The natural pigment in your teeth will even be whitened. A treatment with Zoom Whitening is safe and efficient, taking only one appointment to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile dramatically.

The Zoom Whitening Process is Simple

  • Your lips and face are first protected with special retractors and a dental napkin is placed.
  • To prevent irritation and to provide further protection a rubbery substance is applied directly to your gums.
  • Zoom bleaching gel is then applied.
  • The unique Zoom light is then activated. Coupled with the light, the special Zoom formula removes tooth discoloration and deep stains.
  • For 15 minutes the light remains on your teeth. Simply relax while the Zoom light and formulas do their work.
  • The light and gel will be applied again and the process will be repeated three times in all.
  • You’re done! Zoom is simple and pain-free and leaves you with results of teeth that are up to 12 shades whiter.
Step 1 of Zoom Whitening

The entire appointment takes about an hour and Dr. Sirin will also take before and after photos. You will also receive take home trays and desensitizing gels if needed.

Before You Begin

Before any tooth whitening processwe like you to havean exam to ensure you do not have any leaky fillings or hypersensitive teeth. A teeth cleaning is also a good idea because hardened deposits on your teeth will interfere with the bleaching process. Taking these initial steps will ensure the best results of your Zoom whitening treatment.

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