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Woman holding clear aligners, such as Invisaling and CandidPro, near her mouth

Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners that straighten your teeth without people noticing them. Introduced in the late 1990s, they have become very popular. But there is a new technology recently developed that is more efficient and more comfortable—CandidPro.

Clear aligner technology, whether it is with Invisalign or CandidPro, uses 3-D images of your teeth to create a treatment plan that precisely and progressively repositions your teeth. Many people prefer clear aligners because they work like conventional braces but they are truly invisible to others.

Invisalign vs Conventional Braces

Clear aligners, either Invisalign or CandidPro, have advantages over conventional braces.

  • The clear aligners are far more aesthetic than conventional braces. Even from a conversational distance, people will not notice them.
  • Clear aligners are comfortable to wear and will not irritate your tongue or cheeks.
  • The results are far more precise than conventional braces.
  • You will remove the aligners to eat so that you can enjoy your favorite foods without any dietary restrictions.
  • Removable aligners make it easier to brush and floss your teeth. Just take them out, brush and floss, and put them back in.
  • Your treatment time is half or less than with conventional braces.

Invisalign vs. CandidPro Aligners

Dr. Sirin is qualified to provide either Invisalign or CandidPro treatment. How do they compare?


  • Case type – Mild to severe misalignment and bite issues
  • Average treatment time – Twelve to eighteen months
  • Check-up appointments – In-person visits every four to six weeks
  • Average cost – Can be as much as twice the cost of Candid


  • Case type – Mild to Severe misalignment
  • Average treatment time – Seven to Eighteen months
  • Check-up appointments – Remote monitoring through CandidApp with supervision by Dr. Sirin and an orthodontist
  • Average cost – Because of more efficient technology and fewer office visits, considerably less than the cost of Invisalign

And like Invisalign, CandidPro can correct these issues:

  • Crossbite
  • Crowding
  • Gaps
  • General misalignment
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Overjet
  • Underbite

The Invisalign Procedure

Before beginning Invisalign treatment, Dr. Sirin will complete an oral exam and take digital x-rays to determine whether you are a candidate. If Invisalign is right for you, he will do the following:

  • Impressions of your teeth to develop a treatment plan
  • Send the plan to the Invisalign lab to make custom aligners for you
  • Schedule a fitting appointment when your aligners are ready
  • Give you a series of aligners and instructions on how often to switch to a new set
  • Schedule check-up visits every six to eight weeks

The CandidPro Procedure

Like Invisalign, you must see a licensed dentist if you want CandidPro aligners. First, Dr. Sirin will complete your oral examination to see whether you are a candidate. If you are, the process continues with these steps:

  • Dr. Sirin will take digital scans, photos and x-rays of your teeth and send them to Candid.
  • An orthodontist will receive your x-rays and review Dr. Sirin’s treatment plan.
  • Dr. Sirin and his team will go over the use of your aligners and the digital teeth scanner for remote monitoring.
  • Using the digital monitor, you will scan your teeth for Dr. Sirin and a Candid orthodontist to check progress and adjust treatment if needed.
  • The orthodontist will use CandidApp to tell you when to switch to a new set of aligners.
  • Unlike Invisalign, Candid aligners do not require buttons attached to you teeth, trimming your teeth to make space, or in-office visits unless you need our help with treatment tracking.
  • After you complete treatment, your smile will be beautifully aligned.
  • You will need a custom retainer to keep your teeth aligned, so Dr. Sirin will take a final scan of your teeth for Candid to make your retainer.

Is CandidPro the Answer?

Call our office or complete our online appointment request form for an exam with Dr. Sirin. If you’re not ready to commit to an examination, you can schedule a complimentary consultation to ask questions and Dr. Sirin will explain how Invisalign and CandidPro compare and what you could expect with treatment.

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