Facial Collapse

When all of your teeth are missing, the effects are far-reaching. Your smile and your oral health will be affected, and with time so will your facial features.

Jawbone is stimulated by tooth roots, so if you have an edentulous bite (all of your teeth are missing), your body will resorb the bone and use the minerals from it elsewhere. Loss of jawbone causes your facial muscles to sag and eventually collapse.


Diagram of facial collapse. The upper level shows from nose-to-chin views of a normal front face and profile. The lower level photo shows front-face and profile facial collapse.

Dental implant fixtures are artificial tooth roots. They are surgically placed in the bone, stimulate bone growth, and prevent facial collapse. If you’ve just started wearing dentures, they can be supported with dental implants to help prevent premature sagging and changes in your facial appearance.

Additionally, your dentures will be stable and improve the function when you chew and speak. The more implants you have, the more stable they will be. And they will cover a larger area of your jawbone and further limit shrinkage.


If you already have begun to experience jawbone shrinkage, it’s not too late to prevent it from progressing. Dental implants stimulate bone growth. Six to eight implants will provide good stability for your dentures, prevent them from resting on the bone and accelerating shrinkage, and cover a significant surface of your jawbone. In cases of extensive bone loss, grafting can be used to build up the bone before you receive dental implants.

Dr. Sirin received post-graduate training in implantology. He will examine your dentures, gums, and jawbone to determine how much shrinkage has occurred. After he reviews your medical history and takes 3D images, he will determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants. Dr. Sirin will explain the options available to stabilize your dentures and prevent the drastic changes in your facial appearance that can occur with bone shrinkage.

If you would like more information on your options for preventing or treating facial collapse, call us to schedule an appointment, or complete our Request an Appointment form.

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