Elgin Same-Day Crowns

E4D Techology for Crowns in One Appointment

In the past, people have had to have a minimum of two visits to the dental office when they needed a crown, generally spaced at least two weeks apart while waiting on a lab to make it.If you’ve had a crown placed before, you probably recall wearing a temporary crown during this phase and also the additional time spent away from work, family or fun to have the procedure completed.Dr. Sirin understands that this can be a hassle, which is why he offers same day crowns—crowns completed in a single appointment using E4D technology.

The Same-Day Crown Process

E4D is a time-tested in-office machine that replaces the need for a dental lab.Your tooth will be prepared much like the traditional process, but instead of shipping your impressions off to a lab, Dr. Sirin will create your new ceramic “tooth” right in our office. A three-dimensional picture of your prepared tooth will be captured and transferred to the computer (no messy or gooey impressions to take), which will in turn render a digital image of both your tooth and of the crown it will make. Unlike many other dentists who do same day or CEREC crowns,Dr. Sirin spends extra time to stain, glaze and crystallize the crown in a ceramic furnace.The result is a stronger, more life-like restoration.
While your restoration is being perfected, you can relax in the comfort of our office, reading, listening to music or utilizing our free Wi-Fi. Once the restoration has been created, the doctor will make any necessary adjustments and cement it in place, completing what once might have been a lengthy process all in one visit. He also goes a step beyond just creating the crown and custom colors it and glazes it to match your existing teeth perfectly. So your new crown will be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is convenient and strong.

How E4D Differs from CEREC

The underlying technology for creating same-day crowns is called CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture). CEREC was the first CAD/CAM dentistry system, introduced in 1987, so it is the one most familiar to the public. In 2003, the E4D Technologies company was formed to improve on the existing systems available to dentists. Instead of scanning the tooth with infrared beams, the E4D system uses lasers. Besides improving accuracy, this makes it so that the tooth doesn’t need to be dusted with titanium dioxide powder in order to take the optical impression. There are several other differences.

Dr. Sirin prefers E4D to the CEREC machine because it has a more advanced milling unit with greater precision. The camera system is faster, more comfortable and it does not require the teeth be covered with an unpleasant powder the way CEREC does.

Are Same-Day Crowns Right for Me?

Same Day Crowns might not be the best choice for every tooth in need of a crown. Dr. Sirin is happy to go over your treatment options with you during your comprehensive exam or during a brief complimentary consultation if you’re not ready to commit just yet.

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