Will I Get a Chiclet Tooth If I See a Dentist Who Uses CEREC?

I have to have a new crown done, but the whole process of going in over and over again is such a pain. My sister says that her dentist will do CEREC crowns in one visit. That sounds good and all, but how is the quality? Will I get stuck with something that looks like a Chiclet or one that falls out all the time if I go to her dentist? My current dentist has said that he won’t switch over to an in-office machine because he says that no machine can match the quality of his ceramist, but it’s so tempting to switch over for just this one procedure so I can get it done and out of the way. What can you tell me about the quality of these CEREC crowns?



Dear Rhonda,

Whether you wind up with a Chiclet smile is dependent on the skill of the dentist using the machine. CEREC and other systems like E4D that produce in-office crowns using CAD/CAM technology tend to be very easy for dentists to learn to use and adapt to.

It may be true that your particular dentist will get better results using a lab and ceramist if he doesn’t easily adapt to new technology. There’s also the possibility that he is skeptical of new dental technology or is having trouble justifying the cost of the machine. It’s also possible that he doesn’t have time for additional training or perhaps he’s basing his beliefs on some of the original machines that were released. There are a million reasons why he might not prefer to use CEREC or a similar process, but the fear of Chiclet teeth should not be one of them.

Dental crowns made in the office are just as durable and esthetically pleasing as those made in labs when the person creating them is skilled. But, if you’d like to see it with your own eyes, take a look at the picture below. One of these teeth has a crown that was made in a dental office and not in a lab. Can you tell which tooth it is?


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