Why Are My Gums Still Sore Three Months After Getting Lumineers?

My dentist placed eight Lumineers across my upper teeth about three months ago. I noticed right away that my gums were sore, but that usually happens with my dental work and I expected it to get better within a week or two. Unfortunately, it’s not getting any better. In fact, it’s worse now. I went out to dinner the other day and my gums actually began bleeding while I ate. One of my friends pointed it out to me- I was mortified. I excused myself from the table to go look and the tops of my Lumineers were covered in blood. Why haven’t I healed from my procedure yet?



Dear Meaghan,

Try running your tongue over the front of your teeth. Did you feel an unnatural bump on your teeth, just below the gum line? Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem experienced by people who have had Lumineers done. Since they utilize a different kind of process in which minimal structure is removed from the tooth, the dentist has to adjust the Lumineers precisely to avoid having that ridge. If he doesn’t, you wind up with a defect that not only stops your lips from naturally sweeping away plaque from the area, but also makes it much more difficult for you to manually clean it.

Schedule an appointment with the dentist who performed your Lumineers procedure so he can reevaluate his work and see if any adjustments can be made. If he does see room for improvement, your gums may heal rapidly with little to no additional help from you. Additionally, you can take extra care of your gums at home to try to improve things on your own or to speed up results after adjustments have been made. Rinse with warm salt water a few times a day. Be very diligent to clean well, but also very gently, with a soft-bristled tooth brush. Moreover, make sure you’re cleaning between your teeth. If floss isn’t working for you, try floss picks or something similar.

If all of these things fail to correct the gingivitis, it’s time for a second opinion. Schedule with an expert cosmetic dentist who will determine the cause of the issue and make adjustments or propose treatment as needed. Don’t be too surprised if part of that treatment involves replacing your Lunineers with a different veneer.

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