Which Insurance Will Cover Invisalign?

Upper Invisalign trays - for info on which dental insurance covers invisalign

Can you tell me if dental insurance covers Invisalign and which ones offer coverage? I definitely don’t want metal braces. So, if I can get Invisalign over ceramic braces with insurance covering it, that would be my preference. Thanks. Ricardo from Gary, IN


Thank you for your question.

Which Insurance Will Cover Invisalign?

Dental insurance plans that offer orthodontic (braces) benefits provide some coverage for Invisalign. But you will not find a plan that completely covers your treatment costs. The insurance plans available to you depend on several factors:

  • Where you live in the United States
  • Whether your employer offers dental coverage
  • Dental plans available in your area

How to Find Dental Insurance for Invisalign

You can find dental insurance for Invisalign through your employer or own your own.

Through your employer

You can contact customer services for your dental plan or your employer’s human resources department to find if any dental plans are available that include orthodontic benefits.

On your own

Search online for dental insurance for our state. Look for dental plans that offer orthodontic benefits.

Whether you choose insurance from your employer or purchase it on your own, the plan will have an annual maximum benefit and an annual orthodontic maximum benefit. You expect out-of-pocket expenses whether you receive metal or clear braces or Invisalign.

Help with Paying for Invisalign

Although you will have out-of-pocket expenses for Invisalign, payment plans or a health care savings account through your employer can help you pay for treatment.

Payment plans

Ask your dentist about payment plans or financing to help make Invisalign treatment affordable for you. You can also call your dentist’s office to get more information on financial arrangements for orthodontic treatment. CareCredit® is a health care credit card that offers low- or no-interest financing. You can use it for dental treatment.

Health care savings account

If your employer offers a health care savings account or flexible spending account, you can submit claims for reimbursement for Invisalign expenses.

Schedule a consultation with an Invisalign dentist. You can request an estimate for the cost of treatment to help you budget for it.

Dr. Steve Sirin, an Elgin, Illinois dentist, sponsors this post.

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