What Foods are Safe to Eat with Invisalign?

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I’m wondering what foods are safe to eat when I getInvisalign. I know the general rule with braces is that you have to avoid chewyor sticky stuff because it can damage the braces, but you don’t wear Invisalignwhile you eat. So, does my diet have to change at all?

The main reason why I’m asking is because I’ve been on thepaleo diet for about a year now and I’m doing really well on it. However, I’mnot really much of a meat eater and I never have been. I eat a lot nuts and eatan apple just about every day. I’m worried that going through ortho willsomehow relegate me to meals outside the paleo diet and, if so, I’m just not upfor that.



Dear Meaghan,

You should be totally in the clear doing the paleo dietwhile you’re usingthe Invisalign system. As you noted, the real worry is, with braces, thatyou’ll damage the wires or pull your brackets off. Because you wouldn’t be wearingthe aligners while you eat, none of that is a concern.

The only potential pitfall is that your teeth will becomemobile while you go through any kind of ortho. They have to or they wouldn’tmove to their intended spaces. Right when you start and when you switch aligners,you’ll notice some sensitivity and it will probably get worse if you’re eatinghard and crunchy foods. Everyone is a little different. You may be ok if you’regoing with softer nuts like cashews, but chances are, you’ll probably want togive them up periodically throughout. To be fair, the apples could become aproblem too.

However, where there’s will, there’s a way. If you’re experiencingsensitivity or achiness as you transition between aligners and your mouthis telling you apples and nuts are a no-go, something like a fruit puree couldwork. You’ve probably seen those in little pouches at the grocery store. Somecompanies mix in veggies too. You can also mix your own purees or do a kind of smoothie.

There are ways to get protein in too. For example, eggs are afantastic source. Legumes are typically out, which means no peanut butter, refriedbeans, soy, or chickpeas, but these are all healthier non-meat options if you’rewilling to bend the rules for a few days. You can also choose things like avocadoand spinach, which both have decent protein and are paleo. Of course, there’salso spirulina, which has 4g of protein per tablespoon and is often hailed as apaleo superfood, though some people report upset stomachs when they ingest itin large quantities.

The bottom line is, you know what foods you like and whatfits within your diet. You can certainly find ways to modify your meals duringthe tender times, and it’s a good idea to come up with a list of alternativesbefore you start treatment. If you have worries that you won’t be getting the nutritionyou need because some foods may be out for short periods of time, you can alsoconsult with a nutritionist in advance.

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