Student to Transfer: Start Invisalign with Elgin Dentist or Wait?

I’m a student at Elgin Community College and am transferring out-of-state in the fall. I want to start Invisalign, but I’m not sure if I should start with an Elgin dentist and then transfer or wait until I move to start. I’ve been told it could take less than a year, so maybe it’s a moot point. I could be done with Invisalign before I have to move, but if I’m not, it could cause issues. It’s my preference to start with an Elgin dentist now, as I want to have my teeth done before I start applying for internships and jobs. What’s the best approach in these types of situations?



Dear Chase,

There’s no reason not to start with an Elgin dentist for your Invisalign treatments, but there are things to take into consideration.

First, those who need less than a year of treatment have generally undergone orthodontic treatment before, and they’re correcting minor shifts that have occurred over time or as a result of not wearing a retainer. If you start now, you should expect to be continuing treatment after the move. The amount of time it takes to get results varies based on how much correction is needed, your commitment to wearing the aligners, and other factors. To get a better timeline for your case, you’ll need to book a consultation with an Elgin dentist.

Going forward, you’ll have several options. It’s usually best to stay with the same office throughout the entire process whenever possible. Your Elgin dentist may be able to work with you and schedule appointments at times when you’ll be visiting home anyway, which is probably the ideal situation if you’ll be back for holidays and breaks. He’ll probably be able to set you up with a couple of sets of Invisalign trays, so that you can continue treatment even while your’re away from the office.

If this form of scheduling doesn’t work for you, you can transfer to a local office when you move. However, your Elgin dentist should know this is your plan from the very start, so he can schedule your treatment properly and bill accordingly. Sometimes payment is due up front to cover the cost of ongoing visits, so you might be able to pay less if you won’t be there in a year. Be up front with the offices you talk to, to avoid complications after Invisalign treatment has begun. You may also want to reach out to offices in the area you’re moving to, so that both offices can coordinate care from the very start.

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