Regular Elgin Dentist vs Emergency Dentist for a Knocked Out Tooth?

I’m wondering if a knocked out tooth is something we could wait for our regular Elgin dentist to handle or if it requires the attention of an emergency dentist right away. I always thought that a knocked out tooth was an urgent matter, but I was at my son’s football practice the other day and they had some kind of holder for knocked out teeth. I was reading the bottle and it said people have 48 hours to get into the dental office, as long as they use the bottle. Does something like that really make a difference or should a person go straight in anyway? I’m hoping I’ll never need to use the information, but it’s good to know just in case something happens down the line.



Dear Stephanie,

Generally speaking, it’s best to get in as soon as you can after an accident. The ligaments that help anchor the teeth in place are very fragile and can be easily wiped away or damaged. The tooth will have retained many of these, and they need to survive intact and untouched in order for the tooth to reimplant well and become strong again.

For this, those types of containers are really beneficial because they protect the tooth and may make a difference in whether they heal up again. However, if you’re headed straight to a doctor, they can also be put in the person’s mouth or in a glass of milk, but they should never be wiped off and the root should not be touched. If there is debris on it, it can be rinsed off gently, but that may be better left to the office if you’re going in right away.

There is also the possibility that other teeth may have become injured at the same time or that facial trauma may have occurred. The doctor can take steps to stabilize loose teeth, to help ensure they will remain intact, and will also do a full oral exam to check for other injuries.

So, it’s really a matter of whether your regular Elgin dentist can accommodate you in a timely matter or not. He should have a number you can call for urgent matters and be available to advise you, even if the office isn’t open. If he doesn’t respond promptly, you may want to visit an emergency dentist instead.

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