My Invisalign is Loose- Is that a Problem?

I got Invisalign about a week ago and my dentist told me to change out the aligners every two weeks. It hasn’t even been that and my aligners are loose. They don’t feel like they’re doing anything at all. Is there something wrong with them? I remember when I first got them, they felt snug and they’re not that way anymore. Does this mean the Invisalign isn’t working? What should I do?



Dear Candice,

It actually sounds like your Invisalign is working exactly as it should. If you can recall back to your treatment planning, your dentist probably showed you an animation of how your teeth look now and how they would change over time. Each tray is a single stop on the journey to that final destination. In other words, the aligner is precisely fabricated so that by the end of two weeks, your teeth should fit into it perfectly. When you first put it on, it’s not an exact fit, which is why it feels tight. It’s that tightness, or pressure, that the aligners create that moves your teeth.

You’ll notice the same thing every time you change out your aligners for a new set. Sometimes, they’ll take the full two weeks and other times, it may be just a few days. Either way, it’s a good thing and shows that the treatment is working, and that you’re doing a good job of wearing your aligners.

If they begin to feel so loose that they might fall off or you notice any damage, like a crack or a defect, call your dentist and let him know. It’s also worth mentioning this to him at your next visit, just so he can double-check that everything is progressing normally. If you find that the aligners routinely feel loose several days before you’re supposed to change them, your dentist may suggest that you change them more frequently. However, don’t start changing them out early on your own, because moving them too fast can cause damage or delay your treatment.

Congratulations and best of luck to you in your treatment!

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