My Implant Crown Is Too White

In early January, I received a third crown from my dentist for the same dental implant. Each crown is super white and doesn’t match my teeth. My dentist and the lab can’t get the color right for some reason.

My dentist bonded a new crown to my tooth two weeks ago, although I told her that the color was wrong. It’s unacceptable for the color to be off. I’ve even done selfies of my smile that make it clear that the crown color is noticeably different regardless of whether I’m outside or indoors.

This tooth is a lateral incisor, and my dentist refuses to admit that she’s doing something wrong. On one occasion, she said I’m picky, and most recently, she said I should be happy that the implant hasn’t loosened because I’m requesting so many changes. She also suggested that I whiten my teeth to match the crown because my tooth color is complicated. She said a1 is too grayish and a2 is too yellow, so she decided to go with super white. I don’t want my teeth to be stark white, so that’s not an option for me. What sense does that make?

I’ve been thinking about getting a second opinion, but my dentist’s talk about the implant loosening from replacing crowns is starting to make me nervous. I’m not sure what to do about this. I know you can’t tell me what to do, but do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Meghan from TX


We’re disappointed with your dentist’s indifference about your crown, and we know you are, too. If the implant crown color differs from the color of your natural teeth, your dentist should be anxious to correct it. Consider three factors that may reassure you that getting a second opinion is a good idea.

Will Your Dental Implant Be Damaged If the Crown is Removed?

A skilled dentist can remove your crown without damaging the implant. It’s a good idea to get a second opinion, but take time to find an experienced cosmetic dentist. They can remove the crown and provide one that perfectly matches your natural teeth.

Your dentist’s reference to colors (a1 and a2) on a tooth shade guide and the complexity of your tooth color makes it clear that she doesn’t understand what to do next

Advanced Cosmetic Dentists Understand How to Match the Crown

Advanced cosmetic dentists work closely with a ceramist and follow a process like the one below:

  • Draw the tooth and label areas for different colors
  • Send written instructions to the ceramist regarding the initial tooth shade
  • Draw areas on the tooth for applying tints to match the surrounding natural teeth
  • Try in the crown for fit and color match
  • Take digital photographs of your smile and send them to the ceramist to examine the color differences.

An experienced dentist won’t cement the crown to your natural tooth unless it matches your teeth.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Dentists

Your description of your dentist’s response sounds like she doesn’t care that your crown doesn’t match your teeth. But a cosmetic dentist is concerned about aesthetics and knows how to achieve beautiful results. Find two cosmetic dentists, request consultations, and compare how each dentist proposes to produce a color match with a new crown.

Dr. Steven Sirin, an Elgin, Illinois cosmetic dentist, sponsors this post.

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