How is it that Lumineers Don’t Break?

woman with Lumineers

So, I have a kind of silly question about Lumineers. I hear they’re supposed to be this great option because the dentist doesn’t really have to mess with the tooth too much to get them to work. But, this happens because they’re really thin. Last time I was in the office, my dentist gave me the old song and dance about “I’m a great candidate for them.” He did everything but bring out a barbershop quartet to serenade me about their many oh-so-wonderful qualities. But, here’s the catch, he actually let me see one, and I got to hold it, and I’m thinking those suckers aren’t going to last a week on me. There’s no way this skinny little thing is going to hold up to everything I do. If I go for it, how can I be sure they won’t break?



Dear Evie,

Let’s address what Lumineers are first. They’re what’s known as an ultra-thin or no-prep veneer, but when they’re called Lumineers, they’re a particular brand of ultra-thin veneers. There are actually lots of companies that make them, and most dentists work with a dental lab that can make something similar as well. These veneers are made from porcelain, which actually makes them very durable, but you’re right. When they’re not attached to anything, they seem fragile. That’s probably because they are. They rely on a really strong bond to the tooth to give them the kind of strength you’re looking for. On their own, they mostly just do a good job of staying white and tooth-like.

The real question is what exactly you’re doing with your teeth that you’re worried you’ll break your veneers within a week. Are you biting your nails, opening soda cans, or entering strongman competitions and pulling cars with your mouth? All these things are actually bad for your teeth. They’re not tools, and you can even damage your natural teeth when you treat them like they are. Something to keep in mind, because if it can damage natural teeth, it can certainly harm your cosmetic work too.

There is one other thing you might want to consider before going ahead with anything, though. Check out the dentist’s before and after photos and make sure they look gorgeous. It’s really hard to get Lumineers right. If pictures of his patients don’t totally wow you, check with another dentist who has a lot of experience with cosmetic dentistry and will give you better results.

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