Is it Safe to Have My CERC Crown Done the Day Before Thanksgiving?

I’m scheduled to have a CEREC crown done the day before Thanksgiving. I’ve had traditional ones done before that left me with a temporary for a couple weeks, but never a CEREC crown before. Back when I had the regular kind, my temporary broke over the weekend and it was a nightmare to deal with. I just did without it for a couple of days, but I was very uncomfortable. I know my dentist said everything would be done in one day, but I’m worried since it’s a long weekend right after. Is there any chance I will have an issue and should I delay it until after the holiday?



Dear Margo,

The beauty of CEREC crowns and other restorations that use similar technology, like E4D, is that they really are done in a day. There’s no temporary used at all, so there’s no risk of it falling off or breaking and spoiling your holiday.

The length of time it takes to set will vary based on the material your dentist uses to seat it. Some common cements can take an hour or more to completely set, while some bonding material can be cured instantly. There’s no wrong or right material to use, and he might even change materials based on conditions inside your mouth. So, always defer directly to your dentist on the day of the procedure to find out when it’s safe to eat after having a CEREC crown done. Whatever method he chooses, it will most certainly be set by the time you’re carving the turkey.

In regard to the probability of something going wrong, it’s not likely at all. As long as you follow his guidelines on eating afterward, there’s minimal chance of having any issues. Sometimes after leaving, people notice that their bite is somehow off or that the new tooth hits before the others when closing. While this won’t keep you from the pumpkin pie, you should still call them on Monday to schedule an appointment to have it adjusted soon if you notice it.

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