Is it Safe to Go to a Dentist Who Offers CEREC Crown Discounts?

I got a coupon in the mail from a local dentist and it’s offering $100 off CEREC crowns. I need a crown done and it sounds like a good deal. Is the doctor discounting the price because CEREC crowns are a lower-quality option or are they about the same as the regular? Also, is it safe to choose a dentist who is offering a special? I like the idea of a discount, but asking for one for healthcare seems kind of like asking for trouble.



Dear Morgan,

It’s always safer to choose a dentist based on qualifications, experience and skill rather than price. With that said, some excellent dentists run sales and specials to encourage new patients to give them a try. If the dentist has a good reputation, and you can see examples of his work, there’s no reason to forego him. He’s not going to treat you any differently because you’re paying less. More than likely, his office staff handles all the financial arrangements and he, personally, might not even be aware that a coupon drew you in unless you tell him.

As far as the CEREC crown goes, it’s probably no different than what you’re accustomed to in regard to quality. In the hands of a skilled dentist, CAD/CAM restorations are both beautiful and durable. You may appreciate the fact that you can have it done in one visit, versus the customary two, however. The doctor may have chosen to discount his CEREC crowns because it keeps the discount in-office. If it was a traditional one, he’d still have to pay a lab technician full price to make it. If you’re unsure about the quality of work that he does, be sure to ask to see examples of his own patients. Many doctors like to keep a book in the office or post a smile gallery online.

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