How Often Can a Dentist Replace Bonding Without Damaging Your Teeth?

Disappointed facial expression portraying a delay for candid braces due to wrong dental bonding color

My dentist whitened my teeth two months ago. We waited until the color was as I wanted before my dentist replaced old bonding near my gums on three front teeth. The bonding looked and felt rough, and the color was off. Last week, my dentist replaced the bonding, but it looks and feels the same to me. After talking to some close friends, I decided not to let my dentist try again.

I’m supposed to get Candid braces in mid-June, and these bonding tryouts could go on forever if my dentist does not admit that he cannot handle the task. I have decided to find another dentist to redo the bonding, but how often can a dentist remove and replace bonding before damaging my teeth? Thank you. Husam from CT

Hello, Husam,

Thank you for choosing Dr. Sirin’s office for your question. We will offer some insight on dental bonding that addresses your concerns.

What Are the Options for Correcting Dental Bonding Color?

When a dentist places dental bonding that does not match, two options to correct it include:

  • Resurfacing existing bonding – Remove some of the bonding surfaces and apply a matching composite color
  • Replacing the bonding – Use dental burs to remove the bonding without damaging your teeth and reapply the correct color

Bonding Teeth Near the Gumline

If you require dental bonding near your gumline, notches (abfraction lesions) may be the cause. Clenching teeth weakens them and can cause bulging. The lesions occur when tooth enamel wears away near the gumline—most often from the pressure of clenching your teeth.

What can a dentist do to protect your teeth?

  • Use flexible composite to fill the notches because it will bend when you flex your teeth
  • Take impressions of your teeth to make a custom mouth guard for you to wear while you sleep if you clench your teeth
  • Encourage you to find ways to relax to decrease teeth clenching

If you are not confident about your dentist’s ability to correct your dental bonding color, look for a dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training. Advanced cosmetic dentists stock the tools and materials required to blend and match composites to perfectly matched your whitened teeth. You can begin clear braces treatment without the stress of worrying about mismatched bonding.

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