How Do I Choose the Best Elgin Dentist for Emergencies?

I haven’t found an Elgin dentist that I hit it off with yet, even though I’ve been here for a few years. I tend to hop around from office to office, hoping that the next one will be different. Somehow I keep winding up with places that treat me like a number, or with doctors who behave like their patients are on an assembly line. It’s ridiculous. I’ve got a tooth that’s a little sensitive and it kind of looks like there’s a cavity developing. I need to find an Elgin dentist who can see me sometime next week, but I’m having trouble figuring out what to look for. I’m somewhat limited by my insurance, but any tips would be helpful.



Dear Craig,

It can be difficult to find the right Elgin dentist. As you’ve noticed, there are a lot of “commercialized” practices out there. Clearly, you know your way around the web, so do a search for “Elgin dentist,” and see who comes up in your area. Have a look at the website.

1. Check Out the Elgin Dentist’s Bio

You can tell a lot about a person by reading a little about his background. While some of them focus only on credentials, a few are quite personable and offer some info on what they’re like outside of the office. This can help you see what the doctor’s personality is like, and help you make an educated guess as to whether you’ll hit it off or not.

2. See if there’s Info About the Staff

Although this isn’t always the case, the type of office you’re trying to avoid usually has a high employee turnover rate. If the website includes photos of the staff or bios of the staff, it’s a good indicator that it’s a quality practice.

3. Look for Other Indicators that You’re Dealing with a Solo Elgin Dentist Versus a Commercial Practice

Commercialized and chain practices tend to provide a one-size-fits-all approach. As you cruise a site, be on the lookout for indications that the practice caters to the needs of individual patients. If they offer financing, help anxious patients, or go the extra mile and do mercury-free dentistry, these are good signs. It shows that the Elgin dentist in question listens to his patients, and cares enough to see that they get the specialized treatment they deserve.

On a final note, some offices will also let you pop in for a visit just to check the place out. If you call ahead, they might even arrange a quick tour, just so you can see how they operate without having to go through an entire appointment.

Hopefully this helps and you’ll find the office that’s right for you- not just for this emergency, but for ongoing preventative care as well.

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