How Can I Thank My Elgin Dentist for Being Awesome?

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I am 100% certain I’ve found the best Elgin dentist. I have always been terrified of having any kind of dental work done- even cleanings. I stayed away for a long time because of it, but then, of course, I wound up with a bunch of stuff wrong and my teeth started to hurt. I kind of played roulette when I picked somebody. I just went with one of the people who took my insurance, but I feel like I got really lucky because this office is awesome! The doctor took care of my hurt tooth on the same day as my initial appointment and was super gentle and kind. Even the girls who work for him are sweet and spent some time talking with me. They had me come back for a full exam, and I do still have some stuff to work on, but we’re getting through it piece by piece. I love that they don’t pressure me or judge me for not coming in for so long. Anyway, I really want to do something nice for the doctor and his staff, but I don’t want it to seem weird, like I’m hitting on the doctor or something. If my messages somehow get mixed, I don’t think I could go back again. :/ So, what kinds of things can I do to say thank you that can’t possibly be mistaken for anything but gratitude to the office?


Anonymous Patient in Elgin, Illinois

Dear Anonymous,

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you know you’ve found the best Elgin dentist for your needs and it’s twice as wonderful that you’re so happy you’d like to thank them. It’s incredibly unlikely that the doctor or his staff will misunderstand your message, unless you also happen to pair it with extended longing glances in somebody’s direction. Most anything you can think of that you might send to a coworker or acquaintance would be ok. With that said, here are a few ideas.

Ways to Thank Your Elgin Dentist

Referrals. If you’re happy with the office, the kindest thing you can do is to send more people their way. Grab a few business cards next time you’re in and hand them out when you know someone is looking for a new office.

Testimonials. Got a favorite review site you like to haunt, like Yelp or Google? Leave positive remarks about the office and let people know why they should visit too.

A Thank You Letter. A simple hand-written card or note to say why you appreciate them can be very meaningful. If you remember any of the employee’s names, be sure to mention them, so the doctor can give accolades to the staff as well.

Treats. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also take a treat into the office next time you visit. If you’re not sure what they like, just ask. Things like fruit dishes are generally well-received, but they probably have a sweet tooth too.

No matter what you choose to do, it’s sure to be appreciated, even if it is a simple note. Dental offices love to hear that they’ve had an impact on someone or that they’ve done a good job, so if you have a heartfelt thanks, that’s enough.

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