How Can I Get My Dentist to Use Lumineers?

My friend swears by Lumineers. She had hers done a couple years back and they still look fantastic. I asked my dentist if he would do them for me and he said he won’t use the brand, but that he offers alternatives. Well, I don’t know anything about these alternatives, I know Lumineers. I’ve heard of them and I’ve seen them on my friend and that’s what I want. How can I get my dentist to use them?



Dear Meredith,

If someone stood over Rembrandt’s shoulder and told him which paints and brushes to use, his art might have looked more like it was done by Hong the elephant. If someone gave directives to Gordon Ramsay, first off, they’d need a thick skin and a lot of luck, but if Mr. Ramsay actually did listen, his dishes might look and taste like they were created by toddlers. That’s because these people were/ are experts in their fields. It’s difficult for anyone to improve upon that.

The same thing goes for dentistry. Your dentist is trained and qualified to know which tools work best for both him and for you. You chose him because he is an expert and unless you’re willing to risk winding up with elephant art, it’s best to let him assess what will and what won’t work.

Lumineers work in some cases and not in others, plus not everyone is a candidate for them. Moreover, your dentist has to be an artist when doing cosmetic work like veneers. While it’s good that you’re familiar with some of the options available, there’s a chance that the best fit for your specific case lies in a brand who hasn’t spent as much time and money marketing their product.

Your best bet is to trust your dentist’s judgment, but if you’ve got your heart set on Lumineers, get a second opinion from a dentist who is an expert in placing them or you might as well hop a flight to Thailand to see if Hong the elephant has appointments available.

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