How Can I Correct Speech and Spitting Issues After Getting Invisalign?

I recently got Invisalign braces, but I’m still having a difficult time speaking with them and I still spit everywhere when I talk. I have a speaking engagement coming up and I need to make sure I can speak properly before then. Is there an adjustment the dentist can make or something I can do to correct this problem? It’s not just an annoyance, it’s an embarrassment.



Dear Jeff,

It takes a certain kind of finesse and character to be able to pull off a slobbery speech impediment. A handful of such characters are even well known and loved for theirs. However, if you can’t pull off a “You’re desthpicable!” with the same charm as Daffy Duck, there is still hope.

Any time you place a foreign object in your mouth, whether it is Invisalign, traditional braces, a tongue ring or a Tweety Bird, your body responds by creating excess saliva in an attempt to digest it. Over time, you should adjust to it and won’t be showering your audience with anything other than your words. The answer for learning how to speak properly is time as well. The longer you wear your trays, the better you will become at speaking with them. Invisalign trays are computer generated and are made with very precise measurements, so although it isn’t likely that your dentist can alter them in any beneficial way, it wouldn’t hurt to ask him to check them out.

“Sufferin’ succotash,” as Sylvester the cat might gush. What’s a guy to do? The answer is really quite simple- take out the appliance during your speaking engagements. While the success and length of your treatment is dependent on you wearing the trays as much as possible, an hour or two every so often shouldn’t set you back. Or, you can always roll with it and hand out towels to the people in the first row.

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