How Can I Be Sure My CEREC Crown Will Be Colored Properly?

My friend had a CEREC crown done and was thrilled with the results. She knows I’ve been putting off my crown because my dentist doesn’t use the same method and I don’t have time, so she keeps telling me to see hers. The problem is that I don’t think her CEREC crown looks all that great. The shape of it is ok, but the dentist got the color all wrong, so it looks very fake next to her other teeth. I don’t know if this is a standard limitation of the technology or what, but I don’t want mine to look like that. Is there a chance mine will look better or do I need to get a regular one that takes two weeks?



Dear Johan,

There are several systems on the market which can provide crowns in a day. Any of those systems, whether it’s CEREC crowns or something similar like E4D, rely on the dentist’s skill-level to function well and look natural. Some dentists can make it strong and sturdy, but lack the aesthetic eye needed to make it blend.

The reason why traditional restorations take two weeks is because they are sent to a lab technician or master ceramist to be made. While your dental office may take a shade and send instructions, it’s the technician’s job to make it look right. On the other hand, those done in an office rely on the dentist to perfect the artistry, and he may or may not have the experience and eye to do it. If you’re interested in having a CEREC crown done, ask for pictures of the dentist’s work. Sometimes, offices will even post photos online of their real patients, so you can see what to expect before you visit the office. If they can’t show you examples of their own patients, you might want to look elsewhere.

When you visit with the dentist, be sure to let him know how important shade is to you. Many offices don’t think to include the patient in this decision, so they simply take a shade themselves and move on. If they know in advance that you want to be involved, they can show you what options are available before the work begins. They should also let you try it in and be sure you like it before the doctor permanently cements it.

There’s no way to know if you will have the same results as your friend. However, if you begin by choosing a dentist who has a proven track-record where aesthetics are concerned and have an open dialogue with him about expectations, you’ll have the best possible outcome.

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