Why Hasn’t My Elgin Dentist Switched to CEREC Crowns Yet?

I’m in love with the idea of CEREC crowns and asked my Elgin dentist about them the last time I was in. I’ve had to have a lot of dental work and am tired of having to do the two-week wait thing while I wait for the lab to do its thing. My doctor said that he doesn’t think CEREC crowns are reliable and that they are “mediocre” in terms of aesthetics. If this was true, then why do so many doctors use them? It’s to the point where I’m considering choosing a new Elgin dentist, just so I can be somewhere that will do my next crown in a single visit. I actually have one that I’ve been nursing along for several months already, just because I can’t stand to be wearing a temporary for so long. Any guess as to why my doctor is holding out and not doing CEREC crowns yet?



Dear Bethany,

There’s really no telling why your Elgin dentist is holding off on doing CEREC crowns. He could be telling you the truth, based on his experiences with the machines. It takes a lot of skill to be able to make sure that the restorations are shaded properly and are aesthetically-pleasing when they’re done in the office. In terms of reliability, they tend to be evenly-matched between the lab-made ones, though.

It’s also possible he’s only familiar with the original CAD/CAM in-office milling machines. The original CEREC machines were crude, compared to what they’re producing today. Equally, there are also other companies that make similar machines, like E-4D, which many doctors feel are superior. It may be worth asking him when he looked into the concept last and if he examined any of the competitors.

The other possibility is that he simply isn’t prepared to make the investment required to procure an in-office milling machine. They are incredibly expensive and presently amount to over $100,000 these days. An office would have to a whole lot of crowns to be able to justify this kind of cost. If he runs a small practice or doesn’t do many, it would be a money-losing endeavor for him. In which case, it makes sense for him to keep doing what he’s doing, because it allows him to keep your costs lower. If you have your heart set on having your work done in a single day, you’ll probably need to find someone who already has the equipment to help you. And, although you probably don’t need to be told this, the sooner you get your work done the better. The decay is going to keep growing and if you allow it to continue, you may wind up needing a root canal or could lose the tooth entirely.

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