How Can I Find a Reliable Dentist While Working in Another Country?

Dental operatory portraying how to find an emergency dentist while on assignment

How can I find a trustworthy dentist in another country? I work outside of the U.S. three or four times yearly, but last week my company gave me an assignment that will last until July 2023. I plan to get my teeth examined and cleaned before I leave in June. I usually don’t have any problems with my teeth, but this assignment has me a little worried. Anything could go wrong. I have some info for some U.S.-trained doctors, but nothing for a dentist. What if I need emergency dental care? What kind of things should I look for to determine if a dentist is any good? Thanks. Hayden from Seattle

Hayden – You are wise to get an examination and cleaning before leaving the country. Speak with your dentist about your extended assignment. Early detection can help avoid future problems, so have your examination at least three weeks before you leave. It will give your dentist time to correct any potential issues with your teeth and help prevent a dental emergency.

What If You Need Dental Care While Outside of the U.S.?

If you are on a long-term assignment and need emergency dental care, preparation before departure can help you find dentists who can assist.


  • Look online for respected dental associations in the country of your temporary assignment. If an association credentials its dentists, a Fellow, Master, or Diplomate status indicates experience and skill. Achieving such status requires testing and presentation of actual patient cases. If you have a dental emergency, a credentialed dentist will be qualified to care for your needs.
  • Do you have any way of contacting associates who live in the country of your assignment? If so, you can ask for recommendations for a dentist. If you can get the suggestions in advance, it will allow you to check the dentists’ credentials and look for patient reviews. It is best to have a list of names of dentists before you arrive in the country.
  • Speak with your current dentist for suggestions on finding a dental provider abroad. Your dentist may have contacts in that country or know colleagues who can provide you with resources for finding a dependable dentist.
  • If your employer offers dental insurance for its employees who live in the country where you will work, they may have a recommended providers list.

We hope that you do not have a dental emergency while you are away, but if you do, upfront research and planning will help ensure your teeth are in qualified hands.

Dr. Steve Sirin, an Elgin, Illinois dentist, sponsors this post.

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