How Do I Find the Best Elgin Dentist for Someone with Anxiety?

I’m trying to find the best Elgin dentist for someone with dental anxiety. My husband is really bad about seeing the dentist and he hasn’t gone in years. His teeth are getting out of control and I know that they are really starting to hurt him, but he just won’t admit it. I think if I find the right Elgin dentist and book the appointment, he’ll go and get the work done. We’ve been through this with doctor appointments, too. But, I can’t seem to find an Elgin dentist who really caters to people like him, and I want to make sure I find the best one. Any advice you can provide would be helpful.



Dear Claudia,

If you’re looking for the best Elgin dentist for someone with dental anxiety, do a search for someone who calls themselves a “gentle dentist” or a “caters to cowards dentist.” Either of these terms signifies that the doctor is familiar with the difficulties patients with dental anxiety face. It really is a whole different experience. These doctors handle themselves differently and interact with the patients in a unique way, always with the focus of keeping them at ease. You don’t see too many doctors who practice this way anymore, simply because there are so many chain offices and clinics. Your best bet is to find an independent Elgin dentist office with just one or two doctors on staff.

You can also look for someone who offers free consultations. Rather than booking a full appointment from the start, you may be able to schedule a meet and greet type appointment, that will give your husband a chance to meet the doctor and his staff, plus have a look around the office without feeling obligated to start treatment. Though, if you genuinely believe your husband will follow through, a full exam with x-rays is the best way to start. That way, he can leave with information and a plan to get back on track.

He may also benefit from using nitrous oxide during his appointment. A lot of people still call it laughing gas, but it’s the same thing doctors have been using for ages. It can help take the edge off for him so he’s comfortable throughout the appointment and he’ll still be able to drive himself home or back to work afterward.

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