Elgin Dentist: How to Save Your Teeth without Losing Arms & Legs

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If you’ve visited an Elgin dentist recently and felt like saving your teeth meant you’d be paying an arm and a leg, getting back in to have the treatment done is a real challenge. Cost is a barrier to treatment for many, but there are ways to make your dental work more affordable, so you can have the smile you deserve.

Ask for Treatment Options

Virtually every dental issue has multiple possible solutions, and your dentist should go over what your options are during your consultation. For example, amalgam fillings are traditionally less expensive than tooth-colored ones, while a partial denture or bridge may be a more economical choice for replacing a tooth than a dental implant.

Don’t Put Off Treatment

Suffice it to say, cavities grow. What starts out as a tooth needing a simple filling will eventually require a crown and possibly a root canal if treatment is delayed too long. Your costs will be lower if you address problems when they’re small.

Maximize Insurance

The end of the year may be busy, but it’s usually a great time to start tackling your dental needs. That’s because most insurance plans roll over in January, so if your treatment plan will eat up a year of benefits and then some, jumping in now will allow you to leverage this year’s and next year’s benefits without having pauses between treatment. There are lots of little tricks like this that can help get insurance to cover more of your expenses, so check with your office’s insurance billing specialist to see if there are ways to get your plan to do additional heavy lifting.


Have a frank discussion with your Elgin dentist and his team regarding what you can reasonably accomplish. Your doctor will be able to pinpoint which areas should be priorities while his staff can help schedule appointments in a way that lets you tackle the most pressing needs first with breathing room between for budgeting.

Consider Financing

When other options don’t quite put treatment within reach or won’t enable you to get work done as quickly as you’d like, financing can be an option. At Sirin Dentistry, we accept CareCredit. It works like a credit card, but is exclusive to health and dental needs. The company typically provides a window in which no interest is due if the balance is paid off, but their financing options can enable you to stretch payments out over a longer period of time as well. If you’d like to see if you qualify for CareCredit, you can apply from the comfort of your own home.

Focus on Quality

It probably goes without saying, but you should look into the reputation of any Elgin dentist you plan to see. Even if his rates are lower to start with, it’s possible he’s able to charge less because he uses inferior materials or takes shortcuts. If you see lots of good reviews, you should feel confident in his work and the likelihood that you’ll have to have things redone prematurely is reduced.

Request an Appointment

Dr. Sirin is an Elgin Dentist who not only focuses on quality, but is dedicated to eliminating cost as a barrier to treatment. His team is well-versed in insurance and can help you strategize how to budget for and book your appointments in a way that works for you. Call (877) 814-0977 or request an appointment online to book your initial consultation.

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