Does Donald Trump Have Lumineers?

comparison photos of donald trump's teeth in 1986 and now

I’m curious to know if anyone knows if Donald Trump got Lumineers. Like him or Lump him, orange or any other hue, that guy has some perfect teeth. I think we can all agree he has some terrible tanning going on, and that could make his teeth look brighter- right? Or, maybe he’s just an excessive bleacher? Is that even possible? Anyway, I’d love to solve this mystery. It has been an ongoing debate in our household and we’d like to put it to rest once and for all.



Dear Jeff,

Ah, yes, the great Donald Trump tooth debate. It’s cause for disputes in households all across America. Hopefully this settles yours before someone goes and builds a wall in the middle of the living room.

What are Lumineers?

Before we start, let’s examine what Lumineers are. Veneers, on the whole, are thin shells that get attached to the fronts of teeth. They can improve aesthetics, correct gaps and chips, fix spacing, and provide a nice, uniform look. There are traditional porcelain veneers, which are a bit thicker, and ultra-thin veneers. Lumineers are the ultra-thin variety; marketed under atrade name and produced by a special lab. It’s very difficult to get good results with the brand name, so many dentists who perform superior cosmetic work opt for alternatives, and it’s always best to let your dentist choose which method is best. That way, you’re sure to get the same results he shows off online in his smile gallery.

What Did Donald Trump Have Done?

There’s actually a funny story surfacing online about how Donald Trump behaved with the dentist who did his work. It’s well worth a read if you have the time. However, the bottom line is that his dentist has relayed the story a few times, and it turns out he has veneers.

You are right in that teeth look whiter with tanned or darker skin. Similar vibrancy can also be created with professional whitening. However, the telltale signs of porcelain veneers are more obvious when you compare older photos to newer ones. His teeth are straighter now, plus the tiny gap that appears in the upper left in the older photo is gone in the newer images, and of course, his teeth are significantly brighter now. Lumineers have only risen to popularity in recent years, and arguably, most dentists who are skilled in cosmetic work won’t use them or only use them in rare cases. In other words, these are probably traditional porcelain veneers we’re looking at.

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