Does Anybody Make Colored Invisalign Trays?

This is probably going to sound strange, but my daughter has requested colored Invisalign. We’ve talked about getting her braces a lot and we like the idea of trays that she can take out for better cleaning, but she wants the status of braces. I understand that one of the perks of Invisalign is that they’re unnoticeable, but my daughter wants something a little more flashy. I don’t follow the trends, but is there something on the market like this?



Dear Cheri,

So far, Invisalign has not strayed from their flagship product and they don’t offer designer trays or anything similar. Provided embellishments don’t interfere with the function of the design, there’s no reason why she can’t bedazzle them herself. When you meet with your dentist, let him know what she wants to do. Obviously, you’ll want to steer clear of anything toxic, but he may also have a few warnings about what types of materials may compromise the integrity of the trays or how they function.

There are quite a few temporary adhesives in the dental isle that are designed for oral use that you can choose from. Finding stains or dyes may prove a bit more troublesome, but if you’re creative, you’re certain to find something that will work. Again, be sure to run any materials you wish to use past your dentist. Generally speaking, though, if it’s designed to go in someone’s mouth and your daughter is only decorating the front of the trays or the parts that show, it shouldn’t interfere with how well they work. She might find herself producing excess saliva while she adjusts to her mouth jewelry or running her tongue over protrusions, so make sure whatever she adds is smooth and is unlikely to cause cuts.

No doubt, the folks at Invisalign would probably frown upon this practice because they don’t want the integrity of their devices compromised, but with care, tact, and your orthodontist’s approval, there’s no real reason why she can’t jazz them up herself.

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