A Dentist Used a Silver Filling Without Telling Me!

I have white fillings in six teeth. The same dentist placed all the fillings. Due to family job changes, I had to relocate. Since we left Missouri, I have not seen a dentist, but I found a new one because I had a toothache. The dentist said I needed a new filling and placed a silver one. Why would a dentist use silver if I had no silver fillings previously?

I was furious. I didn’t even think to ask the dentist what type of filling he was using because all my other fillings are white. I tried to be calm when I asked about it, but he could tell I was upset. The craziest part about it is that he gave me no explanation even though I asked for one. He said I should give it a few months, and I will probably get used to it because you can’t see it unless I open my mouth wide. He added that he could remove the filling next year if I still didn’t like it. Next year? I feel like the dentist is forcing me to keep the filling. What should I do? Wanda from Toledo, OH


A dentist should tell you the fillings he is using in your teeth. And regardless of whether you have an urgent issue or not, a dentist should take the time to explain your treatment options and the materials they will use to resolve your concerns.

You can speak to the dentist about why you do not want amalgam fillings and why you are so disappointed with the amalgam (silver) filling you received. You can ask the dentist to remove the filling and replace it with a white composite filling. The dentist will likely understand and grant your request.

Model of a tooth with a silver filling, for info on emergency dental visits

Even when dental care is urgent, ask a dentist to explain the details of your treatment

Although a dentist should explain treatment in detail, sometimes they do not. Unfortunately, this is a learning experience for our readers to ask for more information about what treatment and which materials a dentist will use to restore your teeth.

Although it will be an additional expense if the dentist does replace the filling, you can find a dentist who only uses composite fillings. Explain your situation and ask the dentist to replace it.

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