I’ve Had Mouth Sores After Getting CEREC Crowns

I got two new CEREC crowns in April, and within a week, I began to feel sensitivity in my teeth. Also, I have more saliva in my mouth than usual, and the corners of my mouth have sores. I also have a bitter taste and bad breath. The problem is worse when I eat sugary foods or gluten, which I don’t eat much. Could I have gotten an infection during my dental work? Or is this burning mouth syndrome? Thank you. Daryn from Charleston, SC


Thank you for your question.

Dr. Sirin would need to examine your oral tissue and same-day crowns to determine whether your symptoms are related to dental treatment or other factors.

A ceramic block and crown for info on CEREC same day crown technology

Ask a dentist to check your same-day crowns and oral tissue to determine the cause of your discomfort

Below are some potential causes of the signs and symptoms you are experiencing:

  • Sores in the corners of your mouth – Stress can cause sores in the corners of your mouth, but an inflammatory skin condition might be the culprit.
  • Bitter taste and bad breath – A buildup of bacteria and saliva on your tongue may cause a bitter taste or bad breath. Other causes may include medication, supplements, sinus or respiratory infection, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Tooth sensitivity – Preparing a tooth for a crown can irritate it and cause sensitivity. If sensitivity lingers beyond a month or two, contact your dentist and explain your symptoms.
  • Increased saliva flow – At times, a stressful dental appointment can cause increased sensitivity in the mouth or burning mouth syndrome. Dry mouth is a symptom, but it does not include increased saliva flow, so it is unlikely that you have burning mouth syndrome.

Minimizing a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth

When you have a bitter taste and bad breath, we recommend being diligent about keeping your gums, teeth, and tongue clean. Still, multiple concerns with your oral tissue need professional attention. We recommend scheduling an appointment for an exam with your dentist. If you are uncomfortable with your current dentist, find another one based on recommendations from friends or family and online reviews.

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