Can Any Elgin Dentist Put My Broken Crown Back On?

I’m not sure if I should look up an Elgin dentist or wait until I get back home. I’m here in town visiting my daughter and her family. My newest grandbaby is due to arrive any day now and I don’t want to waste my time going back and forth to a dental office. I’m more or less at their mercy. I don’t have a car, as I planned to stay close to home and help my daughter with her older kids and the baby. At any rate, one of my older crowns popped off and broke. I saw on this site that that I shouldn’t use super glue to put it back on, but I can’t use the other methods listed because the thing is split in half. I’m wondering if it’s ok to glue the crown together, though not to my tooth, if an Elgin dentist can repair it and put it back on, or if I should just wait it out until I get home. Any suggestions?

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Dear Loretta,

It’s good that you’re researching the best way to deal with your broken crown. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to use superglue and it causes damage. Crowns are usually very strong and can withstand quite a bit of force, so very odd that the whole crown broke in your case. The problem is, now that it’s compromised, it’s going to be difficult to get a good seal on it, so it will likely allow fluids and such to leak into it if you try to repair it, which will cause decay. Given that the tooth underneath it no longer has enamel to protect it, this is very concerning, especially for the length of time you’d intend to try to muddle along. Moreover, the pieces would have to be fitted together perfectly in order for you to bite properly. Even little bits of glue can throw off your bite, which can cause jaw pain and damage your other teeth. A DIY job is out on this one.

Your best bet is to find an Elgin dentist who specializes in “crowns in a day” or “same day crowns.” Either of these refers to the use of CAD/CAM technology to create the crown in the office. Popular brand names are CEREC crowns and E4D. Going this route, you can have everything done in a single appointment, so there’s no back and forth. Most importantly, you’ll get the tooth fixed properly, so it doesn’t make the rest of your trip difficult and you can focus on your family.

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