Can an Elgin Dentist Make a Single Set of Invisalign Trays for Me?

I’m visiting on vacation and will be in town for about a month. I’m looking for an Elgin dentist who can make just a single set of Invisalign trays for me. I left mine out during lunch and my host’s toddler ran off with them. We’ve tried looking for them, but to no avail. I have no idea what the boy did with them. For all I know, they could be buried in the back yard or flushed down the toilet. Will an Elgin dentist be able to make just one replacement set for me or do I need to wait until I get back home? I’d hate to go without them and slow down my treatment.

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Dear Elana,

An Elgin dentist could help you, but they’re more geared towards long-term care when it comes to Invisalign. You could look one up if you experience a dental emergency or will be in town for a while, but for something like this, it may be better to coordinate with your dentist at home.

If you brought additional aligners with you, you can switch to your prior set or your next set and it shouldn’t cause too much of an issue, though they’ll be snug. At least going this way, you won’t lose your progress by not wearing your aligners at all.

Your office at home may be able to reorder the set that you lost and ship it to you, or an Elgin dentist may be able to get your records and have a new set delivered there. However, it could take a week or more to complete the process, so if you’ll be back home around that time, it’s probably not worth the effort. It’s also worth noting that the Elgin dentist will charge for the visit and the cost of aligners, and insurance is not likely to pick up the tab.

Check in with the dentist back home who is treating you. They may want to schedule an exam for as soon as you get back or order a replacement and have it ready for you upon your return. The biggest concern is not having any aligners for an extended period of time, because that will extend the length of your treatment. If you do have your next set of aligners and they fit ok, just go with those and continue following the schedule from there.

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