Can a Dentist Use Lumineers to Make Me Look Like My RPG Character?

This might sound a little odd, but I’m crazy into an online RPG (role-playing game). My character is a vampire and I’ve started incorporating some bits of her personality into my real life. I’ve always wanted to have pointed teeth. I just think they look cool, give a little edge. I’ve tried temporary ones, but they always fall off or look fake. I’m ready to do this for real. I’ve read that Lumineers might work and that the doctor won’t have to remove much, if any, of my real tooth. There’s also a convention coming up in about a month and I want to have my teeth in biting form by then. Will Lumineers work for this and how do I get a dentist to make me a set?


The Dark Princess

Dear Princess,

While your commitment to the character is admirable in certain circles, permanently altering your body to play the role is not a decision to take lightly. Once you’ve changed your teeth, they will never be the same again and you’ll have to keep up with special care and maintenance. No restoration lasts forever, and you should also factor in that you’ll have to replace them at some point in time. Depending on your age, you may have to replace them several times throughout your life.

In regard to using Lumineers, they would probably work into your timeframe. However, because they are thin enough that minimal tooth structure would need to be removed, they might not be the best bet if you’re intentionally creating an overhang. Depending on the length you want them to be, they could be more prone to breakage.

With that said, why not revisit the idea of a temporary solution? A cosmetic dentist can create an appliance that is custom-fitted to your teeth and can match the color perfectly. It may cover several teeth or be individual teeth specially-designed to fit over yours. In the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist, they’re sure to fit perfectly and stay on, more than likely, without the use of any adhesive. Because you’re enlisting the help of an expert, they will look as natural as possible.

Each dentist will have his own thoughts on how to best go about giving you your desired smile, so it’s not possible to determine whether your custom solution will fit into your timeline. Start by giving a local cosmetic dentist a call and let the office staff know what you’re trying to achieve when you schedule a consultation. The answer you’re looking for probably isn’t Lumineers, but the doctor will find the best options for you and be able to explain the pros and cons of each for your specific case. Due to the nature of your request, it’s a good idea to be very clear when scheduling what your desired results are, so you can be sure to find an office that’s the right fit for you too.

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