At What Age Can My Daughter Have Lumineers?

My daughter has my genetically misshapen teeth and they’re really affecting her confidence. She’s 16 now, but she’s been avoiding going out and isn’t sociable. When she talks, she covers her mouth, and I almost never see her smile. It breaks my heart and I want her to feel good. I heard Lumineers might be a good choice for her, because they require very little, if any, of her natural tooth to be removed. At her age, I think it’s really important to preserve what we can, even if it doesn’t look how it should. Is there a certain age at which she can have Lumineers done? If that’s not an option, what alternatives are available? She’s brilliant, smart, and funny. She deserves to feel beautiful too.



Dear Cheryl,

Sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling. Yes, there are solutions that can help right away. You’re also on the right track with looking into Lumineers, though there are many types of veneers that require little to no prepping of the natural tooth, so don’t limit yourself to the brand.

At 16, your daughter’s face and jaw are still developing. She may be close to done growing, but not yet totally there. For this reason, if you choose to make a permanent alteration, like a veneer, she will likely have to have it redone again as she grows. There’s no way to predict how many times her face shape will change, but plan on updating them at least once or twice before she’s in her mid-20s. It’s truly dependent on when her own personal growth spurts occur.

It’s also worth looking into alternatives like bonding that could work just as well. A dentist who is skilled at cosmetic work may be able to adjust the shape using a tooth-colored material, like what might normally be used to fill a cavity. Although it won’t cover the whole tooth, if she’s a candidate, it can be blended to look perfectly natural and beautiful.

Start by scheduling a consultation and let the dentist know what your overall goal is. He’ll be able to tell you for sure what options you have right now, as well as what will work best for her in the long run. Although Lumineers may be a solution, it’s not the only one, so try to be open-minded and go into the consultation with the overall goal in mind, and not a specific procedure.

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