5 Tips for Finding the Best Elgin Dentist for Families

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I’m trying to find the best Elgin dentist for my family. It’s kind of a tall order because we all have something different going on, but it would make my life so much easier if we could all be taken care of in the same place. I’m pretty easy-going, but my husband has severe dental anxiety and needs to be seen by someone who will be able to set him at ease. My daughter is 11 and she’s good in the chair, but we’re nearing the stage where she should probably get started on orthodontics. I understand that some general dentists can do ortho. Is that right? My little guy is six. I kind of feel like I should still have him at the pediatric office because he’s a little wiggly, but, again, it seems like I need a different dental office for each member of my family, and it’s getting a bit overwhelming.

My insurance company gave me a list of offices to choose from, but I have no idea how to determine whether any of them can meet all our needs or if that’s even possible. I’d like to pick just one and get started, versus visiting them all and continuing the chaos. How can I tell at a glance if one is going to work for my whole family?



Dear Kari,

This is a great question! Here’s how to narrow down the search…

5 Tips for Finding the Best Elgin Dentist for Families

1) If you have dental anxiety, a “caters to cowards” office is where you want to be. These doctors understand anxiety and are glad to adapt their approach to ensure a patient feels comfortable. Many offer things like nitrous oxide, which can take the edge off.

2) If you want ortho from a general Elgin dentist, look for one who provides Invisalign. Your daughter may be a candidate for Invisalign or Invisalign teen, which are the clear braces you’ve probably seen advertised.

3) Check the site for mentions of “family care” or pediatric dentistry. Doctors who aren’t interested in caring for children tend to intentionally skip over those types of phrases.

4) Glance around the site for additional services. You never know what life will throw at you and the needs your family has today may not be the needs you’ll have tomorrow. Things like emergency dental care, implant dentistry, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry may become more important to you over the years.

5) Check out reviews. Some good places to search are Google reviews and Yelp.

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