Will Invisalign Make Me Appear Unprofessional While Speaking?

I was chosen to head up a team for a massive project at work. It’s the kind of thing that could make or break a career. Some of what I’ll be doing involves giving regular presentations to department heads and VPs. I planned on getting Invisalign this spring, but now I’m not so sure. I know it’s supposed to be “invisible,” but I really need to look professional and I’m worried that the aligners will get noticed or that I won’t speak well with them. On the other hand, if I start now, I should be wrapping up with Invisalign around the time the project ends, and I could theoretically be totally done and polished before I speak before the whole company. That really appeals to me. Are my concerns founded or should I hold off until I finish the project?



Dear Craig,

Invisalign is unnoticeable from a conversational distance, so if you are on a stage or presentation area, the audience won’t be able to tell you’re wearing anything. If you’re in very close proximity to people afterwards, they may be able to tell. However, many adults opt for orthodontics these days, so it’s doubtful anyone would find it odd that you are one of them. In fact, you’re far more likely to have someone ask about the process and how it works, because they’ve considered doing it as well, than to have someone criticize or question your decision.

Some people do take a little while to adjust to speaking with the aligners on, but that usually dissipates within a few weeks. If you should find it bothersome or are self-conscious while wearing them, you can always take them out during the presentations.

With that said, you may also be a candidate for porcelain veneers if you’d like to get results quickly, without having to go through several months of treatments. They can often eliminate the appearance of slightly crooked or turned teeth and will boost the radiance of your smile. If you’re interested in porcelain veneers as an option, check with a dentist who specializes in cosmetic procedures to see if you’re a candidate.

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